BrandLens is a content platform that lets you collect user-generated videos from real customers and fans, right from their mobile device.

With BrandLens, you get everything you need to create unlimited user-generated, content creation campaigns in a snap.

You’ll be able to design a landing page to collect info from customers and fans, like their name, email address, and social media handle.

It’s easy to add terms and conditions to your campaign for legal compliance, ensuring that you have full rights to all submitted videos.

Plus, you can set up incentives for your campaign, like entering into giveaway contests or sharing special discount codes with contributors.

Landing page
Design the perfect landing page for your UGC collection campaign.
BrandLens also lets you guide users to record their best video—just insert your instructions on the recording screen.

You can also add logos, text, images, and more onto a timeline, giving them super-specific instructions and visual aids throughout the recording process.

No matter how detailed you get, you’ll be able to control which layers are visible in the final video, so the actual video isn’t cluttered with any how-to’s or tips.

Recording instructions
Get the perfect video each time with clear, on-screen instructions.
Best of all, BrandsLens stores all your videos, so you can build a library of user-generated content to repurpose for social posts and ads.

Filter videos by campaign, duration, favorites, submission date, and more to find the exact clip you need in seconds.

You can even add keyword tags to videos or use AI-powered tagging to sort your library into unique categories, like geographic location or gender demographic.

Plus, you’ll be able to export all the contact info submitted by users, making it a breeze to send email blasts or build a lookalike audience for ad campaigns.

Content library
Build a library of user-generated content for future marketing campaigns.
BrandLens also lets you showcase videos in a curated TikTok-style gallery that you can share with others via link or QR code.

That means you’ll be able to build your own “social media” platform where you highlight your customer community to different stakeholders.

You can even set permissions for viewer actions in each gallery, like the ability to download videos to their personal devices.

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