Boxward is an email warmup tool that helps you land in inboxes and stay out of spam folders, so you can close more sales.
Boxward automatically warms up your email by creating human-like interactions in your inbox.

This tool uses personalized details and merge fields to create unique and realistic email messages to send to other inboxes in the Boxward network.

Plus, it can automatically open emails, mark them as important, and even reply to warmup emails to create organic email threads in your inbox.

Any warmup email that lands in a spam folder is automatically moved to the inbox, so you’ll improve your sender reputation and deliver campaigns that actually reach your audience.

Email deliverability performance
See increased email deliverability rates over time as you warm up your emails.
Because Boxward can connect to any email provider, you can start warming up your email in just a few minutes.

Set up Gmail, Google Workspace, Microsoft Office Outlook and 365, and Zoho. You can also connect to inboxes via SMTP and IMAP.

And because Boxward automatically manages the entire warmup workflow, you’ll be able to reach more leads without lifting a finger!

Connect email to Boxward
Quickly connect your email address to start warming up your emails.
Best of all, you can choose from a range of warmup algorithms, depending on the reputation and health of your email address.

That means you can easily warm up a brand new email address, or focus on maintaining strong deliverability rates for current email addresses.

Improve open rates and deliverability for emails that tanked, or use the Rehab schedule for blacklisted emails.

Wish there was an algorithm that did it all? Boxward makes it easy to build your own warm-up schedule based on your brand’s needs!

Choose email warmup schedule
Find warmup algorithms for new email addresses and blacklisted ones.
Boxward also collects critical data, so you can view detailed stats on your email deliverability in real time.

Get data on sent and received emails, conversations with other inboxes, and where your emails have been landing.

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