BetterDocs helps you create a beautifully designed, searchable knowledge base that gives customers answers to FAQs.

BetterDocs helps you reduce the number of support tickets by housing all your support documents in one place.

Choose from preexisting, streamlined templates and customize the colors, font, size, and more to get a style that aligns with your brand.

With advanced live search and an interactive Table of Contents, customers can find the answers they need quickly and easily, without needing to Phone-a-Friend (you).

A basic FAQ page can only get you and your customers so far.

BetterDocs allows you to showcase more detailed, complete answers to complex questions in an easy way.

Unlike a single, static answers page, BetterDocs’s interactive Table of Contents is sticky and moves with the page when you scroll, making it easy to browse multiple pages.

BetterDocs helps companies scale customer support operations faster with ready-made templates.

These templates allow you to build fully customizable knowledge bases without any coding.

An important aspect of customer support is giving customers several different ways to get answers.

BetterDocs’ Instant Answers feature lets customers quickly access the information they need.

Your customers can type in keywords and Instant Answers will find all related articles and documentation within your knowledge base.

The Instant Answers widget also gives customers the option to submit a ticket if their questions or issues aren’t resolved.

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