Base is a white-label link-building management platform that helps SEO agencies build great links and streamline their workflow process.

Base gives you access to a searchable database with all your backlinks to manage your team and the entire link-building process without any hassle.

You can sort, filter, and enrich any link in the database to avoid duplicating efforts with different link builders.

Want to keep your link-building strategy current? This platform helps you get the newest SEO data from Ahrefs, like organic traffic and domain rating.

Plus, Base will regularly crawl your backlinks and send notifications if there are any changes to the status of your links.

Backlink database
Search through all your backlinks with advanced filters and access real-time SEO data.
Base will track which link-building opportunities you’re going after and your overall progress, which is perfect for working with multiple link-builders.

Add new link-building targets or bulk import your list to ensure everyone on your team is on the same page.

You’ll also be able to update the website status in each project to prevent reusing another client’s claimed links.

Upload links
Easily add your new link-building targets or bulk import your lists.
You can set different user access levels to maintain control over who can see projects, change statuses, add or remove websites, and more.

Base also makes it easy to track the link builder’s progress, budgets, and expected deliverables on a user-friendly dashboard.

Best of all, you can monitor paid links, including prices, expiration dates, anchors, URL targets, and link health, so you’re always within budget.

Link builder dashboard
Keep track of the link builder’s daily progress, budgets, and expected deliverables.
The built-in spam score uses 16 different checkpoints to quickly estimate the quality of a website, so you’re never going after the wrong links.

Customize the spam algorithm to define your lowest threshold parameters for elements like domain rating, organic traffic, and external links.

You can even create a list of blacklisted domains to prevent link builders from adding low-quality sites to your list of opportunities.

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