Apiway is a no-code, API integration platform that connects marketing apps and automates workflows, so you can simplify lead management.

Apiway lets you integrate your lead data with tons of tools and apps—all without writing a single line of code!

You’ll be able to direct leads from ads across social platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

Choose which apps you want to connect to, like CRMs and messengers, and then test your connections. You can disconnect and reconnect any time.

Connected apps
Apiway lets you integrate your lead data with tons of tools and apps.
You’ll be able to configure custom triggers and actions to create automated digital marketing workflows between apps.

Say goodbye to manually downloading leads as a CSV! Apiway lets you automatically send lead data to other tools and apps.

For example, when you get a new Facebook lead, you can automatically populate a Google Sheets spreadsheet with new lead data.

Facebook to Google Sheets
Configure custom workflows to automatically send lead data to your other tools.
Apiway automates the lead nurturing process, making it easy to build a mailing list and send your leads personalized messages.

You can configure a workflow to send lead data to Mailchimp or other messengers like Discord and Telegram.

Plus, you’ll be able to trigger custom actions for new leads, like sending personalized messages based on templates or updating subscriber info.

TikTok to Mailchimp
Build a mailing list and send personalized messages to leads automatically.
Best of all, you can send lead data to your current CRM, so you’ll get real-time updates when specific events are triggered.

You’ll be able to automate and manage omnichannel marketing campaigns and track their performance stress-free.

Apiway even lets you divide leads into segments so you can engage with the right prospects, at the right time.

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