AdLaunch’s intuitive user interface puts tons of advanced video editing tools in a simple framework so you can quickly produce high-quality content.

When it comes to marketing your business on social media, video is the undisputed winner.

AdLaunch’s user interface is so intuitive it won’t matter if you have zero video editing experience.

You’ll start by choosing from top video formats: 16:9 horizontal for FB, YouTube, and websites; 1:1 square for Instagram and Facebook; and 9:16 vertical for IG Stories and Snapchat.

Next, find footage and images by typing keywords—just click the visuals you want to add your video timeline.

Then, trim and drag-and-drop clips as needed!

Add text titles, customize fonts and styles, or choose from ready-made title templates.

Sync up your words with the footage to make your message stand out.

Finally, choose from over 200 high-quality music tracks, uniquely produced for commercial use.

Nice, now you’re done!That was fast.

AdLaunch’s real-time video preview means you can see every edit you make as you go, making it possible to edit your videos to the beat of the music. (“Don’t stop BE-LIEV-IN!”)

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